True North Wealth – Direction for Life

A financial adviser can help guide the way and keep you on track.

True North Wealth is committed to guiding and keeping you on track with your financial goals. We want you to help you achieve the financial freedom that allows you to do the things that are most important to you. True North is a privately owned firm and the principals have over 50 years combined experience in providing advice. We take a different approach and direction to deliver better services and outcomes for our clients and providing clear direction.

True North Compass of Conduct

1. Trustworthiness – we are of our word

Trust is earned by good conduct and is all too easily broken. True North are committed to acting with integrity, confidentiality, and good faith in all of our professional dealings.

2. Competence – we know what we are doing

We will ensure that we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to meet our professional obligations to all of our clients. If needed, we will utilise the expertise of other professionals.

3. Honesty – success is founded on truth and reality

We conduct ourselves with integrity in all our professional dealings and strive to ensure that we are frank and transparent in everything we do.

4. Fairness – we won’t suggest you do something you don’t need

We act with professional objectivity when providing advice to you and will thoroughly investigate, evaluate, and diagnose your need for professional services. We will ensure that we put your best interest at the front of everything we do.

True North: We do things a little differently…

True North reflects the values that underpin how our organisation operates.

The story behind our name and logo goes like this: Financial planning requires ‘everyday people’, individuals, families and business owners to ‘entrust their financial story’ (successes and mistakes) to professionals, like us. It is paramount for our team to take you seriously and deliver the best outcomes possible. We achieve this by taking our core business values and unpinning ‘how we do business’. This is our compass of conduct. With True North, you always know where you stand and where you’re going.

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What’s the process of creating a plan?

Starting your financial planning journey is easier than you think.

There is a bit of information that needs to be collected to give you the most out of your plan. True North will help you along the way. But to give you an idea of the process, this is essentially how it works:

1. First Meeting

This is where we discuss the services we have to offer and define the most beneficial way for us to work together. It’s important that we are on the same page and understand your expectations as well as defining both your and our responsibilities. True North our 100% transparent regarding how our advisers are paid and by whom. *Note: First meeting is on us – no charge to you.

2. Gathering your details and establishing goals

This time your preferred adviser who will ask you a series of questions relating to your current financial position. This information will paint a picture of where you stand and what opportunities are right for you. In this discussion we will gain insights about your ideas and determine your financial goals, both long and short term.

3. Analysing and Evaluating Your Financial Status

Once we collect your information our adviser spends time analysing the detail to find areas of risk but most importantly areas of opportunity. Having been exposed to multiple situations and case studies there are so many options that meet different circumstances.

4. Developing and Presenting Financial Planning Recommendations And/or Alternatives.

On completion of the analysis, we gain greater understanding of your position. Now we are able to explore the different combinations of actions that will directly feed into achieving your goals. These recommendations are presented to you asa formalised action plan called a Statement of Advice (SOA). We will walk you through the plan and explain the reasons for recommending.

5. Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendations.

Once you have agreed on your SOA plan the next step is implementation. This may involve opening an Investment account, consolidating your super accounts, and applying for Risk Insurance.

6. Monitoring the Financial Planning Recommendations.

Financial planning is all about making sure that your current and long-term financial needs are met in the best possible way.

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